Resilient growth

Better plant development

Floor PH regulation

Works long term

ECO-PLON Volcanic Minerals®

A natural, 100% ecological product made of volcanic lava and sedimentary rock


· 100% ecological

· Enables the natural
Intake of nitrogen

· Consists only of natural minerals

· Bio-suitable

· Reduces irrigation (water needs)


Contains macro and microelements, for plant growth, for a good development of the root system and a fertile soil are necessary


·Higher yields

·strong colors

·Intensive taste

·Water Retentive

·Protects against pests
and diseases

What makes us special?

We serve you with a professional product in the field of plants’ needs.
Our wide experience in fertilizer development lets us help you to reach the best results.

We produce natural agents that improves soil properties.

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ECO-PLON Volcanic Minerals

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